About Betsy Palmer


 Betsy has been performing on stage since she was 7 years old. She trained classically starting at age14 and fronted her first band at age 17. Her first professional job as a musician was in high school at a resort singing with a trio covering classics like The Eagles, Bob Dylan and Crosby, Stills and Nash. This was a great way to get her feet wet for what was to come. Every summer there after, Betsy hooked up with guitarist Ron Getz and performed 6 nights a week around Northern Michigan. Venues in Clubs, restaurants and also festivals like the Traverse City Cherry Festival and Leland Wine festival. They held concerts at the Traverse City Opera House and played a mix of originals and covers. For the bigger shows they would pull in other musicians from the area and Detroit.  Betsy says, " Ron opened the world of music to me. We covered classics like Etta James,  Aretha Franklin, Billy Holliday. I loved how their voices would move within a line of music. Then bridged into jazz fusion and then blues and rock. It was a great time of musical discovery for me." Once she hit college she performed in clubs singing rock and roll.  During her four years at Notre Dame, her musical writing evolved and found her voice and passion in country.

She currently has produced three albums; all in different genre's.

2012 - A compilation of favorite Christmas songs. It took about 30 days from start to finish. This endeavor was more of a bucket list. Something to give family and friends.  But, after receiving such a nice response, people encouraged her to sell it and put it on ITunes . For the launch of the album most of the proceeds went to food banks in South Bend, IN and the Michiana area. 

2014 - The  second album, "Coffee Covers".  It was slightly more complicated and required different musicians. She was selective on the songs she wanted to cover.  A lot more time went into creating the right sound and feel for each piece. She had a CD release party about 8 months after the whole project started. It drew an incredible response! Once the album was on ITunes and Amazon etc. , the people that bought the album were from all over the world! She said, " I am still shocked at the continued sales... Alaska, Brazil, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and on and on." This led her to her latest CD.

2015 - The third album, "A Simple Life", was written in approximately a month.  She says, "My writing is natural  and effortless. I write songs within one sitting and am always taken back at the ease in which it flows.  The album has eight originals and two “Judds Tributes”.  I would call my sound progressive country; a lot of soul and twist in lyric lines. There is nothing more thrilling or cathartic than writing  and performing my own music. It's the greatest high and I'm so blessed to be able to do this with my life."

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